Legends tell of an ultimate magic rod that is more powerful than all others. Journey into the dungeon to find it, using less-ultimate rods to fight off enemies on your way there.

This game was originally made for the 7DRL 2022 jam. The version submitted for the jam is labelled "Jam" in the downloads.


Note: Gamepad only available in version 1.2 onwards

ActionMouse & KeyboardGamepad (XInput)
Navigate (Menus)MouseLeft Stick
Select (Menus)Left Mouse ButtonA
Move W/A/S/D Left Stick
AimMouseRight Stick
Shoot Left Mouse Button Right Trigger
Swap Rod Q / Right Mouse Button*X / Left Trigger
Interact E A
Toggle Map Space RB
Toggle InventoryShift*LB
Quit Run Escape Start
Toggle Fullscreen Alt+Enter

* In version 1.1 onwards



Each rod and enemy has an element, designated by their colour. Rods deal less damage to enemies with an element they're weak against and more damage to enemies with an element they're strong against. The strengths are as follows:

Fire (Red) > Wood (Green) > Earth (Yellow) > Thunder (Purple) > Water (Blue) > Fire


Each rod can have up to three extra effects. Since there's no description for these in game, here's what each of them does:

ScatterFires three shots. Damage is split among the shots
CriticalShots have 10% chance of dealing triple damage
SpeedShots move faster
BounceShots bounce  off walls up to two times
PierceShots pass through the first enemy they hit
ExplodeShots create an AOE explosion the first time they hit an enemy or wall
Shots curve towards enemies
RefundShots have 20% chance of refunding ammo when hitting an enemy
KnockbackShots knock enemies back. Knockback scales with damage
Enemies take damage when slammed into walls or other enemies*
ChainWhen the main shot hits, a weaker chain shot is fired at the nearest enemy

* In version 1.1 onwards


  • Made with Game Maker Studio 2
  • Sound effects made with Jfxr
  • Music made with Beep Box


The Omega Rod.zip (Jam) 3 MB
The Omega Rod 1.2.zip 3 MB

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Great game! screenshake is a bit too much, and unfortunately you can't change music volume while during the playthrough, but apart from that its a very good game!



You can change the level of screenshake via the general settings on the title screen. Though that plus the music volume issue brings up a good point that settings should be accessible mid-game. Next update, maybe.


This was a great time. I just saw there was an update...