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Jimmy Longtail has been found dead in a mouse trap. This would be normal in the mouse world, but some facts just don't add up. Could it be something more sinister? Don't worry, Detective Whiskers is on the case! Point and click to investigate crime scenes and talk to suspects in this murder mystery adventure.

This game was originally made for the 34th GM48 game jam.

How to Play

Use your mouse to navigate the menus. You usually have three options:

  • Move: Go to any location you've learned about. Talk to other characters to learn about new locations.
  • Investigate: Investigate the current location. Click on anything of interest to hear Detective Whisker's thoughts about it. If it's important, he will add it to the list of clues.
  • Talk: Present your clues to the character in the current location to hear what they have to say. You can get clues by investigating or by talking to characters. Sometimes you will get the option to contradict what a character says. Click the contradict button then choose a clue that contradicts the statement. You won't always have the right clue, so make sure you search around first.

You can also press escape at any time to return to the title screen. Don't worry, your progress is saved automatically.


  • Made with GameMaker: Studio
  • Programming, story, and dodgy art by Veralos
  • French translation by Pierre Carrasco


The Mouse Trap.zip 4 MB


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At first I was quite disturbed about that game but at the end even if it's short it's pretty good and the "artstyle" gives some charm to it. I can do a French translation for free if you're interested in that :)

I'm glad you liked it.

I've DM'd you on Twitter about the translation.