Fight off waves of aliens before they destroy the space elevator you are riding in! Buy upgrades after each wave to increase your chances of survival!

This game was made for the Nokia 3110 Jam and is styled after the limitations of an old Nokia phone.



  • Navigate: Up/Down, W/S, or Numpad 8/Numpad 5
  • Confirm: Left/Right, A/D, or Numpad 4/Numpad 6


  • Move: Up/Down, W/S, or Numpad 8/Numpad 5
  • Shoot: Left/Right, A/D, or Numpad 4/Numpad 6
  • Give Up: Escape


You can purchase various upgrades after each wave. Each upgrade can be bought multiple times (and will stack indefinitely) but will become more expensive every time you buy it.

  • Damage+: Increases the damage your shots deal
  • Fire Rate+: Increases how rapidly you can fire
  • Move Speed+: Increases how fast you can move up and down
  • Knockback+: Increases how far enemies are knocked back when hit
  • Shot Speed+: Increases how fast your shots move
  • Ammo+: Increases how many shots you can fire without needing to reload
  • Reload+: Increase how quickly your weapon reloads after you stop shooting
  • Score/Money+: Increases how much score/money you gain from defeating enemies
  • Life+: Gives you an extra life


  • Sound effects taken from Nokia 3310 Sound Pack by Trix
  • Game built on Nokia 3310 GMS2 Template by Trix
  • Font used is Efforts by somepx
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsArcade, Retro, Score Attack, Shoot 'Em Up, upgrades


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