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You're sick of being nice and wholesome and have instead decided to become totally corrupted by dark forces. Search the land for forbidden tomes to corrupt yourself further. Each tome will mutate your body and thereby grant you new abilities. However, this corruption will also harm you by reducing your maximum health.



  • Move: Left/Right keys or Left Stick or D-pad Left/Right
  • Jump: Up key or A button
  • Double Jump*: Up key or A button (while in the air)
  • Attack*: A key or X button
  • Dive*: S key or B button(while in the air)
  • Launch*: S key or B button (while on the ground)
  • Map: Space key or Back button

*These abilities must be unlocked before use


  • Select: Up/Down keys or Left Stick
  • Confirm: A key or A button
  • Cancel/Quit: Escape key or Start button


  • Made by Veralos
  • Made with Game Maker Studio
  •  Sound effects made with Bfxr


Corruption (Jam) 2 MB
Corruption (Post Jam) 7 MB


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The semi-aimless platforming reminded me of Knytt a little. In a good way!

Thanks for playing the game. I'm glad you liked the exploration elements.