A downloadable game for Windows


Take on the role of a small bunny and jump your way through 25 levels using only a single button. In each level you must collect all the carrots before time runs out.

This is an entry for #bubblegumjam, a jam about making a pink, non-violent game. If you think the bunny exploding when time runs out is a bit violent, then let's just say it's actually getting dramatically teleported back in time to when the level began. Yeah, something like that.



  • Press Space to jump
  • Hold the button longer to jump higher (and vice versa)
  • Jump into a wall to turn around and start sliding down it
  • Press Space while sliding to wall jump
  • Hold Space while moving into a wall to avoid turning/sliding
  • Do multiple small jumps in a row to build speed


  • Use the directional keys to select an option
  • Press Space to confirm


  • Press Escape to quit level/game
  • Press R to restart a level
  • Press Alt + Enter to toggle fullscreen


Bunny Bounce.zip 4 MB